Corporate Social Responsibilities

The Company in Society

It is a priority for AGOC to engage and communicate with the local community out of its commitment toward it social responsibility.

Although the main activity of AGOC is Oil & Gas operations, AGOC maintained effective contributions toward the local community and created various programs to honor its social commitment, including but not limited to:

Community Programs

Since its inception, AGOC has contributed efficiently in developing the local community and created many programs enhancing the concept of citizenship. AGOC was always keen to diversify the community programs by adopting targeted initiatives for serving the local community directly.

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Taking Care of Special Needs

AGOC established a fully-equipped multi-purpose facility for the Center, including suitable medical equipment and gym, and provided also customized PCs for the blind students, as well as other PCs to the Management of the Center, together with transportation to collect the members of the Center for travel to and from the center.

Supporting Students with Advanced Intellectual Capabilities

AGOC has established special classrooms, duly equipped with all educational means and requisites, for the intellectual education students in the approved schools.

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College Degree Program for Non-Employees (CDPNE)

This program was created to develop the promising Saudi youth who completed the high school (Major of natural sciences) in Al-Khafji City since 2002.

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Vocational College

AGOC support annually, the Saudi Petroluem Services Ploytechnic (SPSP) located in the city of Al-Khafji, in order to promot the vocational taskforce development for Saudi National in Al-Khafji and attact others from around the Kingdgom of Saudi Arabia.

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Aramco Gulf Operations Company is incorporated as 100% subsidiary of the Kingdom’s national oil company Saudi Aramco and operates as an independent entity with its own Board of Directors, responsible to Saudi Aramco as shareholder.