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Al-Khafji Joint Operation

AGOC, jointly with Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC), working under the Khafji Joint Operations (KJO) umbrella, is responsible for managing oil and gas operations within the offshore partitioned neutral zone. KJO’s headquarter building is located in Al Khafji city. Both AGOC and KGOC are signatories to the Khafji Joint Operations Agreement (KJOA), which forms the basis of the joint operations for KJO. The KJOA came into force on March 3, 2010. For further information, please refer to the below link.

KJO Website

Kuwait Gulf Oil Company

The Arabian Oil Company (AOC) concession agreement with the State of Kuwait expired on January 4, 2003 and KGOC commenced its activities on January 5, 2003 having been established as a Kuwaiti closed stock company. KGOC is fully owned by the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), for the purpose of taking over the Kuwaiti share of oil production and hydrocarbon resources from AOC. It shares joint responsibility for the management of petroleum resources at Al Khafji with its 50/50 partner, Aramco Gulf Operations Company, in Khafji Joint Operations. KGOC has a Board of Directors comprising seven members, who are assigned by KPC .For further information, please refer to the below link.

KGOC Website

Aramco Gulf Operations Company is incorporated as 100% subsidiary of the Kingdom’s national oil company Saudi Aramco and operates as an independent entity with its own Board of Directors, responsible to Saudi Aramco as shareholder.