Technology & Innovation

Reservoir Management & exploration

By exploring new fields, KJO will maximize its reserves and ensure greater production sustainability

We continue our efforts to look for opportunities to utilize new upstream technology for the benefit of Al-Khafji Joint Operations in order to improve production operations, energy efficiency and work processes.

We have taken following initiatives pertaining to technology and innovation:

Installation of Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs) in wells

KJO has installed ESPs in the selected wells to enhance crude production to meet the KJO production targets.

Installation of Power Water Injection in reservoirs

The recent reservoir simulation study indicated that the water injection is the most valuable method for the potential gain in oil production. KJO has completed the project to increase more production from the wells & to maintain reservoir pressure.

Upstream Benchmarking Project

This standard benchmarking is implemented with main focus on five key operational areas from the well head through to the point of shipment including production, operating cost, maintenance & reliability, safety, personal efficiency and environmental impact.

Research and Development

KJO is continuously reviewing and investigating advances in technology regarding new developments in software and tools, based on a market survey.

4C-3D OBC Seismic Survey

KJO has completed the 3D OBC seismic survey for Hout field.

Implementation of Document Management System

We have completely implemented the Document Management System for the automation of all documentations within the company. This has facilitated to achieve the paperless environment.

Implementation of SAP

We have completely implemented SAP for complete automation of daily business operations including invoices, leave approval cycle, Business Assignments and payroll processing and achieved another milestone to adopt the paperless environment.


Aramco Gulf Operations Company is incorporated as 100% subsidiary of the Kingdom’s national oil company Saudi Aramco and operates as an independent entity with its own Board of Directors, responsible to Saudi Aramco as shareholder.