Vocational Programs

Vocational Taskforce Development

AGOC supported the foundation of the Saudi Petroluem Services Ploytechnic (SPSP) located in the city of Al-Khafji in order to promot the vocational taskforce development Kingdom-wide.

As one of the major sponsors to SPSP Khafji Institute, AGOC as Co-Founder continutes to the Institiue to gurantee that SPSP fulfillig its primary role in qualifying young Saudi Nationals.
In Additoin, AGOC sponsored two batches of students (twenty students in its first batch in 2010 and fifty seven students in second batch in 2012) to study Mechanical, Electrical & Operations and were later employed at KJO, followed by a brief training and induction program conducted by the KJO Training & Development Department.

Fostering Vocational Taskforce Development


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